Comic News: Marvel's Friction with Matt Fraction

Written by Christian Jones Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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It won’t have escaped the attention of Marvel Comics readers that The Inhuman’s have been making their presence known once more in the Marvel Universe. 

Originally making their debut in the pages of the Fantastic Four, the Inhuman’s, created by Stan Lee and the great Jack Kirby, have never really strayed far from the outer reaches of popularity. Marvel are hoping to change that with events spinning out of the recently completed Infinity arc into the Inhumanity cross-title event that firmly puts the Inhuman’s squarely at the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Well that was the plan until Matt Fraction, who was to write the ongoing Inhuman’s series, was replaced resulting in the new title being delayed until later next year. The reason for this has been cited as creative and editorial disagreements. However Fraction and Marvel are said to be happily forging ahead with other projects.

Instead Charles Soule will add Inhuman to his roster of Marvel titles that also include She Hulk and Thunderbolts. With the Inhuman’s revival being so prominent could Marvel be hoping to increase their awareness for future cinematic adventures?

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