Comic News: DC Comics' Suicidally Distasteful Artist Search

Written by Ed Fortune Saturday, 07 September 2013

Comic Book News

DC Comics have launched a highly controversial talent search for artists this week, by asking potential comic artists to send in depictions of popular Batman villainess Harley Quinn attempting suicide.

The competition asks creative types to create four original artistic interpretations based on a script provided by DC. All four challenges involve Harley Quinn attempting to take her own life, but the final picture has caused the most outrage, as it requires a depiction of Harley Quinn naked in a bath tub with a look of resignation on her face.

The response from the comics community has been one of outrage, with the topic trending across social media. Not only is it being seen as an obvious act of misogyny by the comic books giant, but next week sees the annual launch of America’s National Suicide Prevention Week.

Details of the competition can be found here.

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0 #2 Will Reichlein 2013-09-09 14:57
Of course everybody wants to be up in arms over this. But take a step back, and look at the personality of the character, and them be honest with yourself. The character of Harley Quinn is psychotic, and reading what's been happening to her lately as a member of the SUICIDE Squad, being messed up and then rejected by The Joker, etc., I think a suicide attempt is a bullseye, and the more cartoonish, the more it fits with the character. Naked in a bathtub, with toasters and other appliances on a quick release? That's right up her alley. And just because she's naked, doesn't make it sexual. You haven't read the rest of the story, just one panel. Time to grow up, folks.
0 #1 Dwankie Dave 2013-09-08 22:42
Between this and the resignation of the Batwoman creative team, DC really are making themselves out to be a bunch of supervillains. I think its time for the DC top brass to step down.
Bruce Timm for Head of DC

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