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Written by Aisha Din Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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DC has confirmed that after the long standing LEGION OF SUPERHEROES was cancelled last month, it will be swiftly replacing with the JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 this fall.

The new title will include futuristic versions of all our favourite DC characters including Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and The Green Lantern.

There has been no confirmation yet as to storylines or how these characters even exist in the 31st century, meaning DC have a lot of explaining to do! Check out the character designs below:

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL creators Keith Giffen and J.M DeMatteis will be heading the story, with art by Kevin Maguire (BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL). As Griffen and DeMatteis are long-standing writers and pencillers of DC, we can safely say that the humour, depth, plot and characters are in safe hands. As with Maguire, he understands the world of DC; but from the recent artwork that has come out (above, and below) we see a strange barbarism.

It seems these DC employees are not just doing the same world over and over again but trying something new (thank God).

JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 #1 will premiere later this year.

Source: DC Comics / CBR

To read an interesting JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 interview with Giffen and DeMatteis, head to Newsarama.

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0 #3 Elisabeth Neveux 2013-06-19 18:56
Just to say, here, Batman looks like a cockroach!
Optimistic about the scenario, pessimistic about the designs!
0 #2 Shauna 2013-06-19 17:28
What about global warming. They should all be in shorts/hot pants.
0 #1 david t. lindsay 2013-06-19 15:52
who's designing this crap? shouldn't superman look more like Kamandi? and Batman like Batman Beyond. dumbass!

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