Comic News: DREDD Getting a Sequel After All?! Oh…

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 12 April 2013

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One of the biggest injustices our favourite lawman has ever faced is the criminally underwhelming box office reception to his 2012 return to the big-screen. Ever met anybody with a bad word to say about it? Us neither. Why did nobody turn up to see it then?! We have no idea. As a result of these unfortunate events, fans will likely forever be denied a sequel, so let's applaud 2000AD, who yesterday announced a bit of a consolation prize in the form of a comic book continuation of the movie’s canon. There’s few details as of yet, but here’s the cover for us to marvel at while we pass the time until its September release… 

Actually, in case you missed it a few weeks ago, there’s another possibility of a pseudo-sequel in the works courtesy of DREDD producer Adi Shankar, who revealed that he’s developing a follow-up short film “in the vein of DIRTY LAUNDRY”. Now for all of you who didn’t catch DIRTY LAUNDRY last year, it was an extremely well put together short he also produced starring Thomas Jane as The Punisher. Check it out below if you missed it; it's an interesting watch, though we take huge offence that Shankar and co would have Frank Castle stand idly by as woman gets raped. We cry bullshit on that.

If Shankar can persuade Urban to come shoot for a day or two that’d be amazing, but we predict this will most likely revolve around the adventures of some other (less expensive) Judges. As always, we’ll keep you up to date on any developments…

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0 #1 weenie 2013-04-12 22:57
Only just watched Dredd - thought it was brilliant.

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