Comic News: Marvel Announces New Creative Team For JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY

Written by Melissa Grey Tuesday, 14 August 2012

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During their “Next Big Thing” conference call, Marvel announced that Journey into Mystery will welcome a new creative team starting with issue #646. Writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Valerio Schiti will take over at the end of Keiron Gillen’s run on the title, which saw Kid Loki as the series’ central character.

Immonen told reporters: "Going forward with #646, we really wanted to mix it up a little bit, and try a new focus, but still keep the same level of excitement and character drama, and sheer fun, that people have come to expect from the book." Immonen is set to bring another Asgardian into the spotlight, as Sif takes center stage as Journey into Mystery’s leading lady.

Regarding the switch from Gillen’s Kid Loki to her take on Lady Sif, Immonen said: "I see a similarity between Sif & Loki because neither of them can be Thor. This more effect on her then she'll admit."

On Marvel’s Twitter account, series editor Lauren Sankovitch was reported as saying: "Journey into Mystery is a story about the Nine Realms and everything that takes place within them . . . Kathryn was at the top of my list as far as character as well as keeping things interesting and quirky."

Journey into Mystery #646 is scheduled to hit newsstands this November.


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