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Written by Melissa Grey Saturday, 07 July 2012

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Starting with September’s Catwoman #0, Ann Nocenti will be taking over writing duties for everyone’s favorite feline fatale. Nocenti’s most recent work for DC was a five-issue run on Green Arrow but she is perhaps best known for her work as an editor of Marvel comics and writer for Daredevil. Nocenti’s last run-in with Selina Kyla was in 2004, with the two-part Batman/Catwoman: Trail of the Gun.

In an interview with Comic Vine, Nocenti said: To me she has a lot of wild schisms in her. She just loves being out in the night, you know? Being a thief, you know? And chasing something unattainable. At her core though she's got some damage. So when you've got someone on such a tight wire, and the two persona's are stretched between this wire, it can be so exciting and rich to try to keep that tension high.”

Nocenti’s first issue will be Catwoman #0, a book that’s already made waves with Guillem March’s universally maligned cover, featuring a wildly contorted and questionably proportioned Selina Kyle. Nocenti will continue her run with October’s Catwoman #13, with cover art by Andy Clarke.

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