Comic News: DC’s AME-COMI - WONDER WOMAN #1 Hits Digital Shelves Today

Written by Melissa Grey

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DC’s newest series, AME-COMI based on the popular AME-COMI Girls action figures lands today with Wonder Woman leading the charge. The AME-COMI line of toys blends Western comic sensibility with an anime flair and features heavily stylized versions of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Power Girl, and Duela Dent. Each character will star in a chapter of her own before the launch of the on-going AME-COMI title, which will exist outside of the main DCU continuity.

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray get the series off to a solid start with the first digital chapter of Wonder Woman’s tale, delivering a fresh origin story for Diana of Themyscira, as the forces of Man invade the island paradise. The art shines brightest as Amanda Conner and Paul Mount create a rich and vibrant world fit for an Amazonian princess. Conner’s Wonder Woman looks every inch the young warrior as she battles her way through a group of minotaurs and later an invading strike team.

In DC’s press release, Jimmy Palmiotti said, “Why wait until Wednesday of each week to get your fix from DC when you can download some of coolest comics on earth every Monday, featuring everyone’s favorite female characters. This is such a cool project to be working on and after a week or two, I guarantee you will be hooked!”


Palmiotti and Grey will pen every AME-COMI issue with a superstar team of artists providing the visuals. Tony Akins will be joining Conner on Wonder Woman, with Sanford Greene on Batgirl, Ted Naifeh on Duela Dent, Mike Bowden on Power Girl, and Santi Casas on Supergirl. Chapters will be released every Monday and are available for download on comiXology or the DC Comics app.

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