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Written by Abigail Chandler

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This Sunday in the New 52 panel at Kapow! Comic Convention, DC comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio revealed that a character not seen since the reboot will be returning to the DC universe with a new sexual orientation.

The unnamed, previously straight character will become “one of our most prominent gay characters”. At this point there are no clues as to who that character might be – we don’t even know what gender they are. In the past DC have been quoted as saying they would rather introduce a new gay character than turn an existing character gay, but they admit that their policy on this front has now “evolved”.

In potentially related news, Scott Snyder has revealed that he will be introducing a gay character in Batman. Might these two characters be one and the same? In which case, which Batman supporting cast member do you think could be in the running? Fans have speculated over Tim Drake’s sexuality for years, but given that he’s been seen a lot since the relaunch, I assume he’s not the character that DC are talking about ‘reintroducing’. 

Forums are already alight with possibilities, with Alan Scott in Earth 2 being a popular choice, and names like Donna Troy and Vibe being bandied around. DC has a good track record with lesbian characters, with Batwoman, Renee Montoya and Scandal Savage being the most prominent (although two are currently MIA), so this particular reporter is hoping they opt for a male character rather than a female one. With Marvel apparently poised to announce their first gay wedding between Northstar and Kyle, now would be a good time for DC to put a male gay character front and centre.

So who do you think it could be?

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