Comic News: Missing TV's SMALLVILLE? Get Ready To Be Happy...

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 09 February 2012

Comic Book News

...if you're prepared to follow the continued adventures in comic book form at least.

DC have announced today that the popular CW show will be heading to your local comic book store in a brand new ongoing series taking place six month's after the not-at-all-surprising last moments of the series finale, ("don the suit!!! FLY LIKE THE WIND!!!"*)

Taking a leaf out of Joss Whedon's successful BUFFY season 8 & 9, SMALLVILLE will carry the official season 11 branding, with original staff writer Bryan Q. Miller returning to pen the series. On art duties are Gary Frank with covers by Cat Staggs.

Oddly, SMALLVILLE season 11 will be released digitally first, hitting your iPads et al on April 13th, followed by good ol' print form on May 16th.

*Obscure YouTube reference. Catch the hilarity below as long as a) you've seen the last episode already or b) you couldn't give a monkey's about SMALLVILLE but quite fancy a laugh... 


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