Bernie Wrightson 1948 - 2017

Written by Whitney Scott Bain Sunday, 19 March 2017

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Bernie Wrightson, the incredibly talented, horror iconic artist who created Swamp Thing has passed away due to complications of brain cancer.

Born October 27, 148 in Dundalk, Maryland, Mr. Wrightson was a self-taught artist watching the television show on art hosted by the great Jon Gnagy. His early influences were Frank Frazetta and Graham Ingles.

A chance meeting with a supportive Frazetta inspired him to write his own stories where his first professional work was in 1969 in DC’s House of Mystery featuring his The Man Who Murdered Himself.

After a career with DC Comics, and creating the hit comic with Len Wein Swamp Thing in House of Secrets, he moved to Marvel Comics working on Tower of Shadows and Chamber of Darkness and would later create commercial art for advertising agencies.

In 1974, Mr. Wrightson worked for Warren Publishing with much of his talented work and stories appearing in Creepy magazine.

His tour-de-force work was his adaptation of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein which he spent 20 years on before coming to fruition.

Mr. Wrightson also collaborated with Stephen King on several of his novels working on the comic adaptation to Creepshow, The Stand, Cycle of the Werewolf and Werewolf of Calla.

Mr. Wrightson also worked for Last Unicorn Games with his featured art on the card game, Heresy: Kingdom Come as well as creating album covers for the singer, Meatloaf.

In 2012, Mr. Wrightson collaborated with Steve Nile on Frankenstein Alive Alive! for IDW Publishing for which he won the coveted National Cartoonist’s Society Award and in 2015 was awarded the Inkwell Award for his 45 years of his contribution and gifted work to the comic industry.

Mr. Wrightson will be sorely missed by all of us. He also had a smile, talked about his work and future ideas as well as always being gracious to his fans. He was a legend that we will always remember.

STARBURST sends our heartfelt god thoughts to his family, friends and fans.


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