Mark Millar Reveals New KICK-ASS Series with New Hero

Written by Andrew Pollard Thursday, 23 June 2016

Comic Book News

In some interesting news, Mark Millar has revealed that Kick-Ass is making a return to the comic book world. What’s most noteworthy here, though, is that it will be a new hero under the green mask.

Millar revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that a young black woman will be taking over Kick-Ass duties from Dave Lizewski. The legendary comic book writer explained, “Comics is not short of white males aged around 30; that demographic seems pretty well catered for in popular culture. I don’t think many blonde white guys around 30 feel under-represented when they pick up a comic or watch a movie. Being older or younger or female or African-American just seems more interesting to me as a writer because this character is quite unique and opens up story possibilities that haven’t been tried in almost eighty years of superhero fiction. This woman has a completely different take on Kick-Ass.”

It also looks as if this may not be the last change we see, for Millar added, “Kick-Ass is like James Bond or Doctor Who, where with a new face and a new situation it suddenly feels very exciting. Every four volumes or so I want a different person in the mask. Sometimes it might even only last a single volume or even a single issue.”

Whilst the notion of a new Kick-Ass book itself is exciting, even more pants-tighteningly good news is that John Romita Jr. will be back to draw this new book.

Additionally, Millar confirmed that a new Hit-Girl ongoing series is on the way as well. He’ll pen the first arc of the new series, with Rafael Albuquerque on art duties. After that, Deadpool’s Daniel Way will take over from Millar.

Both the new Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl series are expected to debut their first issues in January.

In the meantime, here’s a tease of what we can expect:



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