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Written by Martin Unsworth Tuesday, 26 January 2016

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The extremely talented Simon Birks and RH Stewart are poised to release the second instalment of his Sinners comic book, and, following the success on the platform for the first, has taken to Kickstarter to fund the publication of the print edition.

The second issue follows directly on from the first and promises to expand the story of Hope, the ‘hero’. It’s also the first of the twelve-issue run to focus on the seven deadly sins, specifically pride on the occasion. Author Birks said: “From the beginning, we knew we were dedicating seven of the twelve issues to the sins, and I think it’s an idea that people understand and connect with”.
The following issues will cover the other sins, and also focus on the things happening to Hope and her boyfriend Danny, who was murdered in the first issue.

The author added: “This issue has a different feel to the noir setting of the first because it’s set during the day, in the desert. It’s a lot brighter to look at and I think that helps build the world where Hope lives. I didn’t want to simply repeat the previous issue, as, of course, stories happen at all times of the day, in any place”.

Issue three, due later, will see the story turn darker and more horror-based.

As well as pre-ordering the second issue, there are plenty of fantastic perks for pledging in the campaign, including T-shirts, artwork, a credit in the print edition and even a chance to appear in the third issue.

The Kickstarter is live now and finishes on February 24th. It’s a great way to support indie artists and get on board with a stunning story from the start (most pledges come with a copy of the first issue).

You can read our review of the first issue of Sinners here.



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