Comic News: Stan Lee's POW! Creations Heading to YouTube

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 17 November 2011

Comic Book News

Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment is heading to YouTube in a new deal that will bring his characters to the life via digital shorts.

'Stan Lee's World of Heroes' will be a branded YouTube channel creating “exclusive programming next year based on the company’s stories around amazing characters and extraordinary individuals” claims Vuguru, the digital studio that will be working with Lee. 

Is this good news? Well, it kind of depends of what you think of Lee's post-Marvel output, and if you've even heard of POW! at all. Creations such as Striperella, Super Seven, Starborn and, erm, Time Jumper have so far failed to break into the public conscious that's for sure.

For a company that just turned 10, we hope for Lee's sake this venture will change all that. Those Marvel movie cameos can't pay that well.

What say you guys? Excelsior? Or Excelsi-snore? 

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