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Written by Martin Unsworth

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Following the success of his earlier comic book campaign, Sinners, writer Simon Birks has returned to Kickstarter to fund his latest project, Gone.

A sci-fi mystery story, Gone #1: They Have Gone promises to be every bit as good as Sinners #1 was. The crowd-funding ends on August 22nd. 

From the Kickstarter blurb:

Gone is a 4 part original, sci-fi mystery comic series about a robot called AssistA who wakes up on the deserted Tantallon spacecraft - written by Simon Birks, and illustrated by Tom Eddy.

AssistA initially thinks it's alone on the ship, but it soon becomes apparent there may be something else with it, as AssistA's attempts to try and solve the mystery are being overridden from within...

Simon explains more…

We all love science fiction. It surrounds us. It includes us. Every single day science fiction becomes science fact, and we get to experience it first-hand. But more than that, science fiction is a great genre for us to tell very human stories from a different perspective.

Both Tom and I are great science fiction fans, and when I approached Tom to collaborate on a comic, it had to be sci-fi. But we wanted to get away from showing loads of people, and densely populated worlds, so we chose to follow the story of one robot, alone in the universe on a spaceship which should be fully crewed.

We wanted to explore the mystery of it, and discover what had happened to everyone from the AssistA's perspective, as well as throwing in some great twists along the way.

I'm pleased to say that Gone is all this and more, and will hopefully be a story that remains with you long after you've finished reading it.

With perks at various price levels, and items such as T-shirts to grab as well as copies of the comic, it’s well worth checking out.

Head over to the Gone Kickstarter page to find out more and pledge, and like the Facebook page. 


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