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Written by Martin Unsworth Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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A new comic book written by Simon Birks (screenwriter of THE SEARCH FOR SIMON – starring Sophie Aldred), SINNERS, is currently fundraising on Kickstarter, with just over two weeks left to reach its target. It's drawn by R. H. Stewart and with cover and letters by Lyndon White, and looks to be a fantastic read. 

From the press release:

Did you ever have a bad day?

Stupid question, right? Maybe the question should be “Did you ever have a good day?”

That’s pessimism for you. But however, bad some of those days get, they’d be going some to beat the sort of day Hope Martinez is experiencing right now.

This morning she woke with a hangover and multiple stab wounds. Her clothes are covered with her own blood, and in the corridor outside the derelict apartment, her (sort of) boyfriend, Danny, lays murdered.

What’s a girl to do?

Hope gets fresh clothes and a gun, and sets about her escape before the police show up. But parked outside the building is a limousine that’s been waiting for her for a while…

Sinners is a twelve part comic series following the journey of Hope, as she inherits a Limousine and a job that no-one else wants; gather the sinners.

Travelling across America, the Limousine guides her to the next victim, and all she can do is watch as they get sucked into the trunk in a pool of white light.

And then there’s Danny, her dead boyfriend, who befriends a burning girl in the place he now inhabits and sets out on his quest to find Hope once more.


Issue 1 is already drawn and written and the Kickstarter will enable to series to continue. Rewards start at £1, and you get a digital copy of the comic for £3, and a paper copy for £6.

And for only £15, you get mentioned in the Roll of Dishonour at the back of the comic!

So, no matter bad your day is right now, spare a thought for Hope Martinez, ‘cause she’s going through hell on Earth!

You can find out more at Kickstarter, Facebook and Twitter.


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