Mark Millar Auctioning Off the Name of MPH Lead Character

Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Comic Book News

Fancy the chance to see your name immortalised as part of comic book folklore? Well here’s your opportunity.

Comic book royalty Mark Millar is running an online auction where one lucky person will have one of the lead characters in Millar’s MPH book named after them. Currently known simply as Baseball, your name could be the character's real name. Pretty cool, right? And it’s not the first time that the creator of the likes of WANTED, KICK-ASS, THE SECRET SERVICE and the upcoming (and quite brilliant) STARLIGHT has done such a thing.

Millar himself explained, The brilliant Mark Hamill played James Arnold in the KINGSMAN movie, our last big charity auction winner, just like Dave Lizewski in KICK-ASS came from a charitable American who donated cash to Scottish kids in return for his name as a movie lead. This is my first auction in some time and the only one I'm planning to do this year, one of the four leads in the MPH book out now up for grabs and a chance to be immortalised for any fanboy.”

MPH is a tale focussed on four 19-year-olds who get their hands on a new street drug which gives them super speed for a week. Thing is, the group don’t necessarily use their new-found temporary powers purely for good deeds, instead partaking in bank-robbing. It’s also worth noting that the book has had its movie rights already picked up by producer extraordinaire Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

As well as his own creations, Millar is also known for stunning work on the likes of SUPERMAN: RED SON, Marvel’s CIVIL WAR, ULTIMATE X-MEN, THE ULTIMATES, ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR, MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN, the brilliant Wolverine arc known as OLD MAN LOGAN, and he’s also currently overseeing 20th Century Fox’s Marvel projects. If all of that wasn’t impressive enough, Millar was also celebrated in a big way back in STARBURST #391 (which is clearly the pinnacle of any achievement, right? Right?!). 

So if you want to get your name immortalised in print (and possibly even on the big screen at some point), be sure to get bidding over at Millarworld’s eBay auction.


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