Book News: New Titles Announced From Miwk Publishing

Monday, 15 October 2012

Book News

MIWK PUBLISHING have just announced three new titles to add to their steadily growing range of highly regarded film and TV tie-in books...

YOU AND WHO edited by J.R. Southall

This book, previously available to pre-order from Hirst Books but never actually produced will now be a Miwk Publication and will be available before Christmas. In line with our new pre-order policy, it won't be available to order until it has gone to the printers and is DEFINITELY ready.

J.R. Southall adds: “It’s been a long road getting here, and unfortunately some of the originality of this project has probably worn off in the meantime. But I couldn’t be happier that Miwk have stepped in and offered to publish the book. They’re a fantastic company and the quality of their previous offerings is embarrassingly high! I just hope I don’t let the side down...

“I’d also just like to extend my thanks to the many and various authors of You and Who, too. They took a chance by becoming involved in this little project, and the excellence and variety of their stories will finally now be free to delight a wider readership. It’s a beautiful and very positive book, and I’m happy to say I don’t take any of the credit for that.”

JAUNT by Andy Davidson

A guide to the Thames children's sci-fi series THE TOMORROW PEOPLE. This book covers not just the TV series, but the Look-In strips, the remakes and the Big Finish series. With co-operation and input from series creator Roger Price, this book will cover everything you need to know about this iconic and unique television series.

Andy Davidson adds: “Shape-changing robots, military masterminds, even ITV technicians – there was nothing the Tomorrow People couldn't handle.

“The Tomorrow People was one of the biggest TV successes of the 1970s and forever changed the way television spoke to young audiences. It was thrilling, inspirational and occasionally just plain silly.

“Jaunt chronicles every incarnation of homo superior, from the original 1970s classic, to the Big Finish audio adventures of the 2000s. I've had tremendous support from series creator, Roger Price, producer Ruth Boswell and the Tomorrow People themselves and I look forward to sharing their remarkable story.”


John Williams' biography of Malcolm Hulke has turned up more fascinating nuggets than we ever expected, creating more questions than he'd hoped to answer. But the puzzle is piecing together nicely. If you've found the work of Malcolm Hulke satisfying, you'll find the life of Malcolm Hulke extraordinary.

John Williams adds: “Malcolm Hulke wrote some of the best-loved Doctor Who stories and novelizations and his work continues to be influential long after his premature death in 1979. All the various manifestations of Doctor Who since then, including the New Adventure novels, the Big Finish audio adventures and the 2005 series itself have returned regularly to his creations, particularly the Silurians and Sea Devils, but also to his abiding ideas and themes.

“Despite this enduring influence, little is known about the man himself aside from his background as a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and the bare facts of his career as a writer.

“Mac: The Life and Work of Malcolm Hulke will be the first substantial biography of this most enigmatic of writers. I have conducted extensive research, spoken to Hulke’s surviving family and friends and gained access to unpublished letters all of which will combine to shed light upon the man behind the stories. As an admirer of Hulke’s since I was a child I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm with both Doctor Who fans but also anyone who is interested in television history and its social context.” 

We'll have more information on all three books soon. JAUNT and MAC are due to be released in the first half of 2013.

YOU AND WHO will still be produced in aid of Children in Need. Miwk Publishing Ltd are not responsible for refunds due on this book from the previous publisher. Any order/contract you have in place with the previous publisher is between you and them.

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