Book News: Famous Authors Quit WEIRD TALES Over Racially Sensitive Novel

Written by Ed Fortune Monday, 20 August 2012

Book News

Weird Tales

Weird Tales magazine has had its share of controversy over its long running history, but a recent online editorial by current boss Marvin Kaye has angered the science fiction and fantasy writing community by coming out in support of Victoria Foyt’s work, Saving The Pearls: Revealing Eden. This self-published novel achieved internet notoriety last year for its incredibly creepy book trailer (here) and premise.

The book’s plot is one of a dystopian world where cruel dark skinned people oppress dwindling and vulnerable white skinned people. In addition to being poorly written, the content of the book has been broadly condemned as racist across the world, mostly via various book reviewing blogs and services, as well as it’s Amazon entry filled with vicious and stinging commentary. Weird Tales decision to support the book has prompted prominent novelists (and former Weird Tales contributors) to wash their hands of any association with the venerable periodical. Protesters include Cat Rambo, Phoebe North and Hugo Award winner and former Weird Tales editor, Ann Vandermeer.

For the terribly curious, (or those who want to draw their own conclusions) more information can be found at the book's official site here, or read the first chapter here, though trust us when we say that they are many better things you can do.

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