Book News: What The Dickens?! New Tech To Allow Us A Peek Into The Minds Of Classic Authors...

Written by Scott Varnham Friday, 10 August 2012

Book News

Charles Dickens

In the latest bit of techno-wizardry from the publishing world, an interesting experiment has taken place on one of Charles Dickens’ old manuscripts (The Chimes).

The new bit of kit allows scientists to look at old manuscripts and notebooks and see what the authors have scribbled out, showing what they originally wrote (most of the time, this will just be typos).

Apparently it works by “separating layers of text… combining two or more digital images – a frontlit and backlit image of a page”. This shows differences between the two which they are able to decode. This is pretty much just alchemy at this stage.

We’re not calling it a “magic time-wand” but it’s pretty damn close. Amazing what technology can do these days!

(Source: The Independent)

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