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Written by Scott Varnham

Book News

More details emerged this week about Stephen Baxter’s new Past Doctor Adventure (the first since 2005).

The Wheel Of Ice features the Second Doctor with Jamie and Zoe as his companions. This places it somewhere near the end of the Second Doctor’s adventures, if you care about that sort of thing. No doubt a detailed reading will place it somewhere more precise in the Great Doctor Who Timeline.

BBC Books have given the following synopsis (which I’ve trimmed down a bit):

“Aboard the Wheel Of Ice, a ring of ice and steel turning around a moon of Saturn, The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find a critical situation – and three strangers who have just turned up out of nowhere look like prime candidates to be accused of sabotage. The Doctor finds himself caught up in a mystery that goes right back to the creation of the solar system. But it’s a mystery that could kill them all.”

Whether you’re a new fan who wants to dip into the past of Doctor Who, or an old one who thinks it’s been too long since the Second Doctor had any adventures, this will be worth a look. 

The book lands on 16th August and the audiobook comes out on the 2nd of August if Amazon is to be believed.

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