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Written by J. R. Southall Sunday, 09 April 2017

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The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book is the name of a new, unofficial Doctor Who limerick book – as you might have guessed – that’s available to pre-order now from Long Scarf Publishing, which includes contributions from notable names such as Andy Lane (of the Virgin New Adventures and Big Finish), Jonathan Morris (also of Big Finish), and John Peel (another author of numerous New Adventures, as well as some of the later Target adaptations).

Also involved are ex-Dalek Dan Barratt, independent publishers and authors Stuart Douglas and Barnaby Eaton-Jones, John Davies who is editor of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s magazine Celestial Toyroom, the likes of Tommy Donbavand, Jon Preddle and Alan Stevens, plus a host of contributors whose names will be familiar to readers of previous unlicensed Doctor Who charity books.

The brainchild of noted fan Jenny Shirt, and compiled in collaboration with Long Scarf’s Christopher Samuel Stone, the short-ish volume includes over three hundred short verses from nearly a hundred would-be poets – which are bound to delight, infuriate and amuse readers in equal measure.

Here’s a random sample, from one R A Henderson:

“To the man with the myriad faces,

Who has seen many ages and places,

My glass I must raise

In a gesture of praise

For his saving of numberless races.”

The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book is also illustrated throughout, and includes work from a variety of artists in a number of styles that might distract the wary reader from rolling the eyes at some of the verses…

Of which, here’s another example (this time from Allan Lear):

“In the churchyard a local historian

Was shocked by a belch quite stentorian.

The overweight culprit

Was found in the pulpit –

A Raxicoricofallapatorian.”

It’s all in a good cause of course, with all proceeds raised being donated to the mental health charity MIND. The paperback is just £8, including postage, and there’s also a hardback at £12. Non-UK shipping ranges from £11 up to £20 for the hardback.

You can pre-order a copy here.


Find your local STARBURST stockist HERE, or buy direct from us HERE. For our digital edition (available to read on your iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 8, Samsung and/or Huawei device - all for just £1.99), visit MAGZTER DIGITAL NEWSSTAND.



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